I don't know what type of signage I need, can you help me?

We'd love to help you come up with a solution that is tailored to your needs. We offer free consultations and site visits (within a reasonable distance) and our design and communications team are happy to help you with your branding, strategy and design needs. Give us a call.

I need a sign made but have no design work.

We can help! Our graphic designers Zack and Saba are here for you. To reduce your design fees, it's good to think about the following questions before you we begin the design process;

  1. Who are your customers, or what demographic are you trying to attract?
  2. What is your business all about, what differentiates your "brand" or business from others in your field?
  3. How will the sign be used, and what space will it appear in? (Indoor, outdoor? Permanent, temporary?)
  4. What size do you need it to be and what quantities would you like?
  5. When do you need the work to be done by?
  6. Will you require installation?

Why can't I use my printer or my computer screen to check if I like the colours in my design?

Desktop printers use different types of ink from our professional Roland Eco-Solvent inks, therefore they mix differently and will give you a different result than your final product. Similarly, all computer screens are calibrated differently and are not reliable ways to check for colours in your design. For an exact colour match, please bring in a physical sample of the colour you'd like us to match or provide a PMS colour code. We are able to provide colour product and print samples for a small fee.

I would like to wrap my vehicle, can you give me a price?

We do our best to provide all of our customers with a quote within 24-48 hours. The price of your vehicle wrap is based on; -the square footage of vinyl used / the size of your vehicle - the complexity of the installation - How much (if any) design work we will do - The material you choose We recommend high quality Avery and/or 3M cast vinyls for our vehicle graphics and wraps and stress the importance of laminating printed vinyls for UV protection. These vinyls tend to be easier to install, so you get a superior product and don't pay extra for a difficult installation. Some questions we might ask you before providing an estimate: 1.) What make, year model and colour of vehicle do you have? 2.) Do you require a single colour vinyl or will we be printing graphics for you? 3.) Is the vehicle in good condition or are there dents and rusted areas? 4.)What colour vinyl would you like? 5.) How much of the vehicle would you like to wrap? 6.) Would you like perforated vinyl for your rear and side windows? 7.) Will you require our design service? 8.) Is there currently a wrap or graphics on your vehicle that you require us to remove? 9.) Do you require installation?