Air Fin (car topper)

Air Fin (car topper)

Stronger magnets and rubber boots make this Air Fin supremely relabiable during Canada's cold and windy winter conditions as well as the blistering heat. Optional xtremely bright 1156 light bulbs ( twist & Lock ) and custom cut or flat full colour graphics make this a popular item among taxi companies, delivery drivers, promotional vehicles and driving schools. 

  • Details:

    -All stainless steel fasteners and solid brass inserts 

    -Plastic walls double or even triple the thickness of other signs

    -Magnets that are 70% to 200% stronger than any competitor ( depending upon the comparison ). We have more neodymium ( rare earth magnetic material ) by weight, in our magnets, than any competitor.

    -Built in stainless steel strap mounts ( you should always have the option to strap down your signs )

    -Custom printed graphics of your choice.

    -High quality electrical connectors ( these connectors all have proper strain reliefs and will out last the cords of our competitors ). This will save you money.

    -The original Easy Access drop down lighting panel allows for effortless maintenance

    -2 year breakage guarantee

    Double scratch protection on magnets ( magnets have an epoxy coat plus boot )