Bling! Printable Wall Covering

Bling! Printable Wall Covering


Dreamscape's Bling is a 20oz, commerical grade, silver coloured, textured, paste-up vinyl wall covering.

Apply it just like regular wall paper, with standard wallpaper paste!

Unprinted, it has a silver metallic shiny sheen. Talk to us about custom printing a pattern for you. Virtually anything is possible!

Bling has raised beads that are metallic-enriched so inkjet printing can create new sparkling colours.


This material can add depth to any smooth wall. Applies with standard wallpaper paste. A 1" overlap is recommended for the installation of all panel work. Dreamscape Protex 3 Liquid laminate is recommended if this product is to be installed in high-traffic areas.


*Ask us about our installation and design services (416)621-5252. 

  • Details:

    -Fully printable - CMYK full colour ready

    -Textured beads that sparkle from tiny silver particles

    -Simulates the look of a bed of small glass beads

    -Can add a metallic brilliance to typical inkjet colors

    -Heavy texture, rough surface, variable sparkle effect

    -Has a light grey appearance because of silver sparkle coating


    Product comes in 54" wide roll, available up to 50 yards long as a single piece.