Falconboard Print (Recyclable)

Falconboard Print (Recyclable)

Falconboard® Print is a fully recyclable* rigid graphics media board which offers superior performance over most traditional foam board options.

Falconboard® Print is designed for use in interior signage, three-dimensional displays and point-of-purchase applications where excellent print quality is required.

Its unique structure, high-quality white facing and natural kraft paper core can handle the most demanding of graphics display requirements due to its printability, strength, rigidity and dimensional stability.

  • Details:

    -SFI certified

    -Ideal for interior signage 

    -Produced with up to 20% chlorofluorocarbon-free recycled paper content

    -Emits less than 1% volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

    -Strong clay-coated white surface for superior graphic quality with UV ink prints

    -Exceptionally rigid and lightweight. Save on shipping costs

    -Compression strength = 70 lbs. per sq. inch

    -Economical and Ecological alternative to PVC, polystyrene (PS), acrylic, wood, MDF and drywall