Plaster! Wallcovering

Plaster! Wallcovering


Dreamscape Plaster is a commercial grade vinyl wall covering with a plaster-embossed matte finish that simulates the look of hand applied plaster. This product offers a artwork-like textured surface that has a matte finish. Excellent for mural and interior design applications, it is popular for representing artwork.


Easily applied with standard wallpaper paste, and a 1" overlap is recommended for the installation of all panel work. Dreamscape Protex 3 Liquid laminate is recommended if this product is to be installed in high-traffic areas.



*Talk to us about custom printing this vinyl for you and for installation services (416)621-5252

  • Details:

    -Available in 54" wide roll, length of your choice up to 50 yards

    -Simulates the look of real plaster or stucco

    -Allows you to give the impression that your artwork was painted directly onto the textured plaster wall surface

    -Rough grooves mixed with raised flat spots create a pleasing random dispersion of hot spots

    -Very popular for wall murals in restaurants, bars and stores

    -Heavy depth texture, rough surface, low and high gloss areas

    -Features Dreamscape's Tru-White standard base color for more brilliant colours