Rock-It Portable Sign Post

Rock-It Portable Sign Post

Durable, affordable and versatile. The Rock-It sign post can be weighted with sand, then emptied and easily rolled away. The message can be changed anytime (top sign on post not included).

  • Details

    -Durable, thick walled plastic bases in two sizes

       - won’t chip, crack, or crumble like concrete

       - custom colors with minimum order quantity

    -Square plastic Power Post™ 60"H, makes attaching signs easy,

        - lightweight and impact resistant

        - no sign twisting which can occur with round poles

        - will never rust or need painting

        - pre-drilled holes for multiple sign sizes

        - mounting hardware included

        - available in white, custom colors with minimum order quantity                                          

    - Rock it back and roll

        - recessed wheels make stands easy to move when weighted

        - sturdy plastic wheels come pre-installed


    -Withstands strong winds without tipping over when filled with sand


    -Conveniently placed large fill hole and drain hole


    - Lightweight plastic reduces shipping costs